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One king to another..

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Middle-Earth AUAngels & Demons

The elves were considered the greatest of the Children of Ilúvatar and were thus granted immortality and the ability of flight. They were wise, beautiful, and strong. They bared their wings with pride and merriment and those of the race of men, in wonderment, named them “angels”.

Aulë’s dwarves woke and proved to be a sturdy and determined race. Their eyes were black, allowing them to see more clearly in the dark passages of the mountain. Horns grew on their hairy heads, tools to aid them in every day tasks and weapons should the need arise. Though the race was of loyal hearts, others saw them as strange and dangerous. And so the race of men named them “demons”. 

In time the races of Arda began to fear the elves and dwarves for they did not understand them. The dwarves retreated to their mountain and learned in secret how to conceal their horns and eyes in the presence of non-dwarves. The elves tried to persuade the other races that they were not to be feared; but they too, in the end, had to learn how to conceal their true nature.

Only dwarves and elves could see one another for who they truly were with the concealment spell in place. And over time, they began to detest one another for it. Thus the hatred between angels and demons began.


You and I will meet again … 
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